IIII. Dimension

Daniel Forget - President of Le Plus Petit Cirque du Monde France:
"Beautiful work between music, plastic art, balance, and a being out of nowhere penetrating this intimate atmosphere. Despite the proximity of the show, we have the impression that he speaks through his silence to the World with his balancing bars planted on the Earth-table-Universe. He ended his show by pulling a string... who doesn't end it! and enveloping himself in his work. A performance in the Parisian Region in a friendly place would be welcome."



Sit on the dot and let yourself be carried away...! Dot, circle, atom, or perhaps even smaller particles. And there are so many of them. So many that they form something bigger, insignificant, but when there is an excess of it, it becomes significant. Molecular and emotional bonds define us.

Performer and creator Jan Jirák, together with choreographer and actress Eliška Vavříková, are searching for a new form of combining traditional art of acrobatics and modern physical theater, inspired by the image of Planet Earth by the renowned contemporary artist Michal Singer.

The performance "IIII. Dimension" is a fusion of artistic virtuosity with visual art and ambient percussive music, encompassed within a conceptual framework and theatrical expression.


Booking: jj@janjirak.cz

Author & Performer: Jan Jirák

Direction & Choreography: Eliška Vavříková

Set Design: Michal Singer & Jan Jirák

Music: Kryštof Krása

Project Partners: Galerie BUBEC, Cirkuff Trutnov, Cirkus Trochu Jinak Ostrava, Prague Handstand, Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, Feel the Universe Circus Company